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Table Top & Portable Fireplaces

Portable Fireplaces, all you need is 2 hands to move them, no gas pipe, works inside or outside!

When you think Table Top fireplace, you may ask yourself how hard is it to move, operate, hook up?  I asked myself, what do they look like, I hope it is not a fake, electric flame. I was surprisingly shocked to find out they are easy to move and have a real flame and may of them provide heat! All of them may operate inside or outside!
Great for people who have no gas pipe or fireplace
or put in in your broken fireplace instead of candles

Most of these units use Ethanol or a Sterno like gel in a can to burn. The brand we carry features an ethanol resevoir that assure the liquie can not spill and cath fire like many less expensive poorly designed units. Typical burn times are 4-6 hours.  What we truly like about these units is how inexpensive they are to purchase and burn.  Most are of contemporary styling and are very unique. Many clients have commented on them the second they see them in our showroom. They make a great gift!
This unit features a swirling flame
                                             See one burning

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