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What to know BEFORE buying a Grill

Read this BEFORE you buy a Grill

Before you buy a new grill the next time you are at the Big Box Hardware store consider this information.

First understand that once again you do get what you pay for.
NOT all Grills are created equal...

The first question to ask yourself is what fuel do you want your grill to use?  The most common types are Gas, typically Liquid Propane in a bottle, Charcoal, Wood pellet or Electric.  For the purposes of this article we will discuss gas, wood pellet and charcoal.  
Charcoal grills are by far the most common type of grill. Weber makes the most common style- kettle grill. Made out of steel these grills utilize the Kettle shape similar to a dome so the heat may circulate around the food.  Some people find charcoal grills inconvenient with having to touch the charcoal, dealing with lighter fluid and having to wait for the coals to get hot.  A simple way to make your charcoal grill simpler and easier to use is by purchasing natural charcoal instead of lump charcoal. Natural charcoal is literally the sticks and small logs made into charcoal that is not compressed so it lights and burns easier. There are many very nice natural charcoals that add a very nice flavor to the food.  Steel grills will eventually rust and do not hold heat well at all. They are best for direct grilling or indirect grilling, basic stuff like hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken. 
Kamodo Style Charcoal Grills Kamodo Grills are a charcoal grill that is made out of ceramic material. They hold heat extremely well even at low temperatures.  They are the most versatile grill on the market as you can grill, smoke, broast, bake pizza, the list goes on and on. These grills last a very long time, have many, many accessories and the Big Green Egg even has a cult like following they are so popular. When buying a Kamodo style make sure it is a name brand manufacturer to assure you can get parts and accessories to fit your grill.  These grills are very heavy so be sure to purchase a table, rolling stand or nest to hold the grill securely for if it falls it will break.
Pellet Grills are newer to the market and not as well known. These grills cook with hardwood pellets that are stored in a bin on the end of the grill. Using electricity the pellets are pushed into a burnpot underneath a thick sheet of metal. Above the metal sheet is where the food sits on a grate. Pellet grills cook by indirect heat only. They are fine at cooking hot dogs and burgers but  they will never sear a steak. What they are wonderful at is smoking. There is an endless choice of pellets available based on the flavor you want to impart in the food, such as Hickory, Cherry, Alder, Pecan, etc. These grills are just about idot proof. Place your food on the grill, set the temperature, yes these grills have a temperature dial similar to your kitchen oven.  Set it to smoke or a higher temperature, which will cook the meat faster and smoke it less, the choice is yours. I place a meat thermometer with an alarm in the meat and set the temperature on the alarm and walk away. The pellets will typically last for 10-14 hours and if you are smoking overnight you made need to refill the hopper before bed. That would be for a long smoke. Ribs and chicken typically take 3-4 hours. When my alarm goes off, it's dinner time. Of course you can mop or marinate the meat but this grill really makes anyone look like a professional barbequer! 
Gas Grills, whooo, these types of grills come in all shapes and sizes and price ranges. Here is my 2 cents-Stainless Steel is the metal of choice and when buying a stainless grill take a magnet with you.  Good stainless should have very little iron in it and therefore a magnet will not stick. Cheap stainless has lots of iron and a magnet will stick easily. This matters because iron is what rusts so the more iron, the more your grill will rust and the less life span it will have.  But don't just pay attention to the lid and doors, look at all the screws, the frame and burner. If they are made of sheet metal, cheap stainless or pot metal your grill will not last very long, especially if you live near the ocean.  Pay close attention to the burner configuation because gas grills are notorious for cooking unevenlly. Once agin what is the burner made of? What is its shape? Does the shape allow it to heat the grill front to back and side to side?  Now look at the frame and its construction. Many grills are thrown away because the frame rusts and the grill has no support.  Most importatntly is this grill a brand that you can get parts for readily?  Most of the big discount stores get one shippment a season and forget about getting parts without a lot of frustation, if at all.  Well known brands back up their product with long warranties and make it easy to get replacement parts through the retailer. At our store it is our responsibilty to obtain warranty items for our customers so one phone call to us and we will take care of it for you.

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